The Power of Language

This website is designed solely as a platform for me to share some ideas about language and linguistics (and a few other things that fascinate me) with anyone who cares to visit and engage with its content. It’s not meant to be either a formal study, or a determination of any facts. I will however be examining in some detail how any postulations I make here have made me feel they could be correct, or perhaps incorrect, and draw some conclusions from that.

I intend to embark on a voyage of discovery, one way or other, in something that I am passionate about and love to discuss with like-minded individuals. If you’d like to engage in discussion here, and publish your own thoughts, please get in touch and I can provide access to the website pages so you can add your own content and comments.

Why Have I Chosen an Image of a Sleeping Chimp?

To me, the chimpanzee symbolises the beginning of language. While his kind are cousins to ours, he symbolises a time when language was limited to a much simpler form: A precursor to what language is today for the human species. Oh yeah, and he’s cute.

The Backdrop of an Old World Map:

This represents the modern evolutionary steps languages have made, insomuch as our idea of what our world looked like has changed rapidly over the last few centuries, so has language. The changes have been dramatic in some respects, like with the realisation that our Earth was in fact not the centre of the universe, but merely playing a very minor role within a seemingly infinite realm. While some wanted to cling to old ideas, science and discovery made the truth undeniable. So it is with some linguistic features that also evolved over a space as short as a few generations. New aspects of language come into being, old ones fade into history. Maybe, like how space exploration, satellite mapping and GPS technology accelerated the evolution of our knowledge of the world, perhaps something might come along soon that revolutionises our understanding of language. If something does, I sure hope I get to experience it.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the content here.

Perry Bernard. BAHons Linguistics, Cert. Tertiary Teaching
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